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How to set up Email and SMTP configurations for your online store on Zopping?

Posted On: 7 jul 2023. 3 minread

In this post we are going to look at how you can configure Email and SMTP for your online store on Zopping so that you can send important email communications like order updates or campaigns from your email address to your customers.

By default, when you create your online eCommerce website using Zopping, your customers receive order and account related emails from Zopping email address ( . However, you now have the option to configure your own email and SMTP details so that your customers will see mails reaching them from your email address.

Some of the benefits of configuring your own email address and SMTP:

With that sorted, let us broadly look at the types of email communications that happen between you and your customers.
1.Account-related: When your customers signup, request for forget password, verification OTPs, etc.
2.Order updates: When an order is placed or packed or dispatched or completed or cancelled or returned, etc.
3.Marketing campaigns: When you run email campaign.
How to configure Email and SMTP:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Where to find the SMTP details of my email service provider::
For any further support related to Email SMTP configurations on Zopping, please write to us on