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What are Reviews and Ratings?

Posted On: 27 December, 2023. 8 min read

Reviews and Ratings help a business owner receive active feedback and suggestions regarding products sold in their online store. Customer reviews influence trust, purchasing decisions, and the business's overall reputation. Positive feedback builds credibility, attracts new customers, and provides valuable insights for improvement.

Why do I need the Reviews and Ratings Extension?

1. This extension will allow your customers to rate and review your products and the order experience
2. The more reviews and ratings are recorded for your products, the more social proof you can build for your online store, influencing incoming customers to buy from your website.
3. The more positive reviews and ratings are submitted for products in your online store, the more trust and credibility you add to your business.
4. Reviews also improve your SEO rankings.


There are no prerequisites required to install this extension on your website.

How to install Reviews and Ratings Extension on Zopping

How will this change affect my online store?

What happens when I uninstall this extension?

All your customers' ratings and reviews will no longer be visible
You or your customers will not be able to see the ratings and reviews for the products in your online store