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What is Delivery Area Support extension?

Posted On: 17 November, 2023. 10 min read

Delivery Area Support extension will help you define the locations or boundaries where your store(s) can deliver your products.

Why do I need this extension?

1. If you are an owner of a hyperlocal store, it is of utmost importance for you to define an area where you will be able to deliver your products.
2. If you run an F&B outlet, choosing too large a delivery area won’t be an apt option for running delivery errands.
This extension will help you set a boundary for the delivery area beyond which you can choose not to deliver your products.
3. If you have multiple stores and multiple locations, this extension will help you set a delivery region for each store according to their location, service availability, etc.
4. This extension will also help you set different delivery prices for different distances/areas covered for delivery.


You need to have a Google API Key. To know more about the same and how to get one, please refer here.
Once you have procured one, go to your Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > API Integration. Fill in the Google Maps API Key row and click on Save.
You also need to configure your store’s location in the Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Store > Edit Store. Add your store’s location and other details. Click on Submit to save the changes.
Navigate to Settings > Order Configuration. Set the Order Type as Delivery. This will allow you to accept orders for delivery via your online store.

How to Install Delivery Area Support Extension on Zopping?

How do I define delivery areas for my store(s)?

Now go to the Extensions > Installed section. You will find the same extension in this window. Click on the Configure option.
Click on the Zipcodes option. Select the store for which you wish to define the delivery area, label it in the ‘Zone Name’ field, define the delivery fee, and add the zipcode where delivery services will be available. Click on the Add Group option to save the changes.
You can also add multiple zip code locations using the Add New option as shown below.
Click on the Distance from Store option. Here you can define your delivery area by radius. Select the store for which you wish to define a delivery zone, label it, search the landmark location for your store or your delivery center and select it, then select the distance radius to cover for delivery services. Click on the Add Group option to save the changes.
You can also add multiple similar delivery regions using the Add New option as shown below.
You can also add multiple similar delivery regions for the same store or different stores using the Add New option as shown below.
Click on the Delivery by Apartment option and select Add New Apartment. Select the store, then search for the apartment to which you wish to make deliveries. Once you find the apartment, select it. You will notice that the apartment name, city, and pin code fields have been automatically filled by the system. Label the delivery zone and add delivery fees. Click on Add Group to save the changes.
You can also add multiple apartments using the Add Apartment option as shown below.

How will this change reflect on my website?

When the user visits your online store, on the home page, the user will be able to see a Location tab on the header section of your home page. The user can enter the location at which they would like to receive their deliveries, and according to the delivery zone criteria set, the system will check whether delivery can be done in this area or not.
When your customer signs in to your online store with their email ID, they will be required to add their respective address in the Profile section.
If the address added does not match any of the criteria defined for delivery zones, an error message will be displayed as shown below
If the address added matches any one of the criteria defined for the delivery zones, it will automatically populate the City and Pincode fields. The user can save the address by clicking on the Add Address option and continue shopping.
If the customer directly starts adding products to their checkout cart, when they click on Add to Cart , a dialogue box will appear requesting the user to add the location.

What happens when I uninstall this extension?

You can no longer define delivery areas for your online store’s delivery service.
The system will assume that your store delivers everywhere with no boundaries or area limitations.
You will not be able to define delivery fees for all the deliveries that you accept via the online store.