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Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

Join ONDC network with Zopping and sell your products anywhere in India!

Why should I sell on ONDC?

Girls shopping

Reach a bigger audience

Forget the hassles of reaching your target audience via multiple marketplaces. Upload your digital catalog using Zopping only ONCE and make it available for purchase on 8+ ONDC buyer apps (PayTM, Pincode, Magicpin, etc).

Customers Insights

Access Real time Customer Data

No more remaining in the shadows of your own business. Gain complete access to customer data (including phone number, email, address), which will help you with reselling or upselling your catalog and growing your business.

Pay less commision

Pay less than 3% commissions

Commissions often get eaten away with a lot of middlemen dealings thus hindering profits from reaching you. Marketplaces eat away major commission shares, which can go up to 30%! Keep your profits intact with ONDC.

Old Man Recieving Package

You set the terms for your business

Your business should be run by your rules and principles ideal for your growth. Decide your own cancellation, shipping and return policies which will help you maintain a valuable customer service and ensure quality control.

Timely Payments

Receive Timely Payments

You sell, you get the money. No more waiting for marketplaces to send your dues as you will be able to directly collect payments for purchases made by the customer.

Why Should I Trust ONDC?


Backed by
Govt. of India


Over 35,000 sellers


More than
38 Lakhs SKUs

being sold


Live in
236 cities

And with over 15+ product categories supported, your business will now reach a wider group of buyers with the vastly growing ONDC network and its popularity.

Why Use Zopping?

ONDC on zopping

You get to built your own store’s website, in addition to broadcasting your products via ONDC

zopping App

You also get to host your dedicated Mobile App for your store

Affordable zopping

Zopping offers accommodating price slabs for using the platform.

zopping Support

Zopping provides you with a personal account manager to help with training and support

How do I Join ONDC Network?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Online Marketplaces vs ONDC?

  • In an online marketplace, both the buyers and sellers use one application/ platform while in the case of ONDC, the seller can onboarded on any platform/ application that is connected to the ONDC network and they will be able to transact.
  • Unlike Online Marketplaces, ONDC is not a web or mobile application. It is only a network that facilitates multiple applications to interact with each other and enable eCommerce between sellers and buyers
  • Online marketplaces charge sellers hefty commissions for onboarding or on their sales. However, sellers pay a miniscule or fraction of an amount as commissions on ONDC
  • In the online marketplaces, the platform determines the terms and conditions, cancellation, shipment and refund policies. However, on ONDC, the sellers have an option to set the policies that favour their businesses and be able to negotiate with the buyers.

Where will I be able to see the orders that come from ONDC?

The orders from ONDC will be visible under the Orders menu on the Zopping Admin Dashboard.

Can I still join ONDC if I sell on Amazon or similar online marketplaces?

Yes, absolutely! You will still be able to sell your inventory via ONDC network despite your presence on any other marketplaces.