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Zopping provides the perfect eCommerce platform to sell in your neighbourhood or locality and succeed in the digital marketplace. Here's why Zopping stands out from the rest.

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Fish and Meat

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Embrace Convenience

Zopping offers store pickup and delivery options, catering to your customers' preferences.

Sync your catalog, inventory, orders, and customer data with Zopping's omnichannel Point of Sale (POS) system.

order management

Flexible Order Management

Define your service areas by pincodes/ area/ apartments and efficiently serve your local customer base. Zopping offers store pickup and delivery options, catering to your customer's preferences.

Zopping supports businesses with multiple branches or stores, streamlining operations and reaching a broader customer base.

Incentivize specific pickup or delivery slots with surcharges or discounts.

Set limits to efficiently manage orders and prevent overwhelming demands during peak periods.

delivery management

Simplified Delivery Management

The Zopping Delivery app revolutionizes order handling, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

Varying delivery fees based on distance traveled ensure fair pricing while covering costs.

order management

Delight your customers

Provide a seamless and consistent shopping experience across your website and mobile app.

Offer the convenience of placing orders from anywhere, anytime.

Zopping advantage

Zopping Advantage

Benefit from regular updates and ongoing improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

Get your custom-branded native iOS and Android app up and running in less than a day effortlessly manage content from one single .

place and it automatically updates on your website and mobile app .

push notifications

Engage your customer with Push notifications

Increase sales and engage customers in real-time with personalized messages, special offers, and new arrival notifications.