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How to Add Store Logo and Favicon to your Online Store

Posted On: 9 Jun, 2022. 2 min read

To make your eCommerce website or app look genuine and reflect your brand, it is important to add your store logo and favicon.

Where does the store logo appear?

The store logo appears on the header section of every page of your online store. It will also be visible in the emails (like Order placed, Reset password, Order delivered, Order cancelled, etc) that are automatically sent to your customers.


Where does the favicon appear?

Favicon is a tiny image that is visible on the tab of your browser.


How to configure your store logo and favicon?

1. Click on the More menu and choose Settings

2. Click on Basic Information

3. Click on the Upload your logo section, and choose the logo from your Gallery

4. Click on the Upload Favicon section, and choose the favicon from your Gallery

5. Click on Save


You can now click on View Store from the Home page to see your online store with your logo and favicon.

  • Note:

1. Your logo cannot be more than 2 MB in size

2. Only .jpeg, .png and .jpg formats are allowed

3. For a better look, upload a logo and favicon that have a transparent background

4. For favicon, choose an image that has an aspect ratio of 1:1