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How to use Abandoned Cart extension in Zopping?

Posted On: 17 January, 2024. 7 minread

When a user adds products to their shopping cart but for some reason they did not proceed to checkout, this scenario is referrred as Abandoned Cart. Lot of ecommerce companies face this issue and it is a prevalent cause of concern to brands and retailers. Zopping allows you to retarget and remind customers to visit your online store and complete the purchase. This is achieved through the Abandoned Cart extension.

Why do I need the Abandoned Cart Extension?

This extension will allow you to notify your customers to resume their shopping experience if there are any products added to the cart but have not made the purchase.


1.If you wish to send out notifications via email, you need to have a SMTP configuration set up for your Zopping account. Follow this blog to know more about how to setup SMTP for your online store.
2.If you wish to send out notifications via SMS, you need to have an SMS gateway (eg, twilio, Whispir, TextMagic, etc.) set up for your Zopping Account. Navigate to Communication > SMS and select and configure the service provider accordingly.
3.If you wish to send out push notifications for your mobile app users, you need to have a Firebase account set up for your Zopping Account.

How to install the Abandoned Cart Extension on Zopping?

How will this change affect my online store?

What happens when I uninstall this extension?

Your customers will no longer receive any notifications if they abandon the cart without making any purchase.